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Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd March 2020


Big Running Weekend Plogging Runs with Runners Against Rubbish


“Because Binners Are Winners”

We‘ve all seen it while out running – a plastic bottle or maybe a gel wrapper in the bushes that catches your eye as you run past and makes you wonder why anyone would drop rubbish on the wonderful trails… Well this year at the Big Running Weekend is your chance to do something about it! As well as all the fantastic coached sessions, talks and events taking place over the weekend, Runners against Rubbish will be leading three “plogging” runs. If you’ve not heard the word before, plogging is means picking up rubbish while you run. It’s your chance to give something back and help keep our trails litter free. Stu from Runners against Rubbish says:

“We’re delighted to be part of the Big Running Weekend this year. Of course we’d encourage you to pick up rubbish whenever you’re out running, but on Friday we’ll be leading plogging runs on three great routes in the city. We’ll bring bags, litterpickers and gloves for those that want them. Most of the time we’ll be running, so you’ll need your normal kit, but we expect to come back with bags full of rubbish too.”

Rivelin: Friday 22nd March, 7am. From Rivelin Café.

The first plogging run will be on Friday morning in the Rivelin Valley, home to the Accelerate Trail Runners Thursday morning group. For one week only the group will also be in the valley on a Friday morning – starting at the Rivelin Valley Café, we’ll run up one side of the valley and back down the other. Meet at the café at 7am, we’ll run a gentle 6-7km and be back there at 8 so you can still get to work!

Olympic Legacy Park and Canal Area: Friday 22nd March, 10.15am. From the Accelerate Running Store

Running Past Fifty Group. If you’re able to get out during the day, Sarah and Stu will be leading a second plogging run around the Olympic Legacy Park, a fantastic facility normally used by the Accelerate Your Speed group. Meet at Accelerate (629 Attercliffe Road) at 10:15am and Stu and Sarah will take you on a plogging loop from the shop, around the Legacy Park and back again. This one is around 5km and will take about an hour – oh yes you can expect the usual running-shenanigans from the session.

Ecclesall Woods: Friday 22nd March, 5pm. From the Discovery Centre.

Finally, on Friday evening we will be getting ready for the weekend to really get started, so we’ll be at the main venue: The Woodland Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods. We’ll use the last of the light, leaving at 5pm for a loop of about 6km through the woods, picking up anything we find along the way and returning to the Discovery Centre in plenty of time for the first of the weekend talks.

We’d be delighted to have you along for any (or all!) of our plogging runs over the weekend. They are all free and there’s no need to sign up – just turn up in plenty of time and with enough kit for the conditions. Bear in mind that you might be moving slightly slower than a normal run, so an extra top isn’t a bad idea. If you’re joining us for the evening run we’d also recommend a headtorch.

You can find out more about Runners Against Rubbish Here >>


The Big Running Weekend is a celebration of everything trail running, with sessions and events to suit all tastes!

  • Led Runs on the Outdoor City Run Routes
  • Wood Run Sessions on Technique, Strength and Stability
  • APC Trail School
  • Junior running workshop
  • Hill technique
  • Talks and Films
  • Kit Testing / Q&A
  • Night Running

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd March 2020 at the Woodland Discovery Centre in Ecclesall Woods, S7 2QZ

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